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Byology selection (in Hungarian)     Chemistry selection (in Hungarian)     Physics selection (in Hungarian)

Country coordinator (information about EUSO in Hungary): Péter Vankó
   Sándor Bán (biology)
   János Daru (chemistry)
   Viktória Gál (biology, chemistry)
   István Pálinkó (chemistry)
   Ádám Seres (biology)
   Péter Vankó (physics)

Results of Hungarian teams

Selection and training of students in Hungary
(published in "Challenging Interdisciplinary Science Experiments, Volume 2, Task of the European Union Science Olympiads 2008-2012, edited by M. Cotter and S. Petersen, Waxmann, 2015")

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19th EUSO 2021   Szeged, Hungary

18th EUSO 2020   Hradec KLralove, Czech Republic

17th EUSO 2019   Almada, Portugal

16th EUSO 2018   Ljubljana, Slovenia

15th EUSO 2017   Copenhagen, Denmark

14th EUSO 2016   Tartu & Tallinn, Estonia

13th EUSO 2015   Klagenfurt, Austria

12th EUSO 2014   Athens, Greece

11th EUSO 2013   Luxembourg, Luxembourg

10th EUSO 2012   Vilnius, Lithuania

  9th EUSO 2011   Pardubice & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

  8th EUSO 2010   Gothenburg, Sweden

  7th EUSO 2009   Murcia, Spain

  6th EUSO 2008   Nicosia, Cyprus

  5th EUSO 2007   Potsdam, Germany

  4th EUSO 2006   Brussels, Belgium

  3rd EUSO 2005   Galway, Ireland

  2nd EUSO 2004   Groningen, Netherlands

  1st EUSO 2003   Dublin, Ireland


IBO (International Biology Olympiad)     IChO (International Chemistry Olympiad)     IPhO (International Physics Olympiad)

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